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4 Tesla Electromagnet -

Magnet Lab
Model : HO - EM7000S
PC controlled Programmable Operation
Water Cooled Coils for excellent field stability

EM7000S is a HOLMARC New Magnet LAB range high magnetic field PC controlled Dipole Electromagnet that can provide fields above 4 Tesla at 10mm field gap. Designed to meet industrial, educational, and research needs of very high, uniform field strengths in a wide range of air gaps. The HOLMARC Magnet LAB range dipole electromagnet systems are intended to work based on automated PC controlled operations.

The EM7000S comes with a standard set of 125mm diameter poles that tapered into a 25mm. optimize maximum field but several pole options are available. HOLMARC can also design custom poles that achieve a specific performance. Poles are interchangeable and are available with an axial access bore.

    Magnetic Field :     4T @10 mm pole gap
    Pole Piece Diameter :     125 mm
    Optical Height :     325 mm
    Spool Diameter :     430 mm
    Space between Spools :     106 mm
    Pole Gap Adjustments :     50 mm Independently Variable Poles
    Power supply design :     Quad system constant current power supply
    Operation :     Manual & PC Controlled programmable operation
    Electromagnet Weight :     325 Kg
    Power supply weight :     100 Kg
    Electromagnet Size :     610 mm x 420 mm x 650 mm
    Pole piece Surface Treatments :     Chrome Plating

        PC controlled programmable operation
        Water Cooled Coils for excellent field stability
        Fully Adjustable Pole Gap
        Easily removable / replaceable Pole pieces
        Flat, Faraday, & Custom Pole Pieces option
        On-Axis Bores in Magnet Pole Piece for Beam / Target Experiments
        Mount Kits for Magnetometer Probes and Other Probes

    Hall Effect Measurements

    Magneto-Optical Rotation Measurements

    Magnetic Separation experiments

    Magnetic alignment of Small Components

    Chemical Reaction Rate Studies

    POLE GAP (mm)     Magnetic Field (Gauss)
    5     76125
    10     39079
    15     26458
    20     20061
    25     16186
    30     13582
    35     11710
    40     10299

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