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Apparatus for Studying
Diffraction from Reflection Grating
Model: HO-ED-D-04
Price : $ 406.00

This device is specifically designed for studying reflection gratings. It consists of a laser head mounted on a kinematic holder and a grating mount with angular adjustments. The grating can be fixed at appropriate angles using this mount. Fine adjustments in grazing or incident angle can be done using kinematic tuning of the laser mount.

Both the laser and grating mounts are fixed on rail carriers, which are held on a graduated solid aluminum rail. The diffraction pattern is projected on a screen or wall. When a meter scale is used as reflection grating, the pattern can be observed typically at two to three meters.

Compact Disc and the meter scale consists of a series of evenly spaced (reflective) grooves and ridges that act as a diffraction grating. The grooves in a compact disc are very close together. (The tracks of a compact disc act as a diffraction grating, producing a separation of the colors of white light. The nominal track separation on a CD is 1.6 micrometers, corresponding to about 625 tracks per millimeter. This is in the range of ordinary laboratory diffraction gratings.) CD and the millimeter scale are reflective and therefore the diffraction pattern can be observed by looking at the reflected pattern. The spectrum of colors can be seen reflected from a compact disc. The closely-spaced tracks on the surface of the disc form a diffraction grating, and the individual wavelengths of white light are diffracted at different angles from it.

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   To measure the wavelength of laser light using a millimeter scale as grating
   To find the groove spacing of CD

Scope of Supply

Optical Rail

Model No: ED-D-04-OR
Length : 500 mm
Material : Aluminum alloy
Finish : Black anodized
Quantity : 1 no.

Kinematic Laser Mount

Model No: ED-D-04-KLM
Adjustments : Using 80 tpi lead screws
Adjustment Range : +/-4 degrees
Material : Black anodized Aluminum alloy
Quantity : 1 no.

Specimen Holder with Mount

Model No: ED-D-04-SHM
Cavity Thickness : 3 mm
Material : Black anodized Aluminum alloy
Quantity : 1 no.

Reflection Gratings

Model No: ED-D-04-RG
Types : Meter Scale, CD
Quantity : 1 no. each

Diode Laser with Power supply (Red)

Model No: ED-D-04-DLPR
Wave length : 655 nm
Optical power : 3 mW
Quantity : 1 no.


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