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Digital Inline Holography Microscope

Model No: HO-DIHM-T01

Holmarc's Digital In-line Holography microscope model HO-DIHM-T01 is a powerful imaging system for the digital reconstruction of complex object (amplitude and phase) from a single intensity image recorded by transmitting a coherent light through it.

Holmarc's DIHM is equipped with a transmission type in-line geometry where a coherent point light source illuminates the sample and a CMOS camera record the 2D interference pattern produced by the scattered light (object beam) with non-scattered light (reference beam). The software then numerically reconstruct the 3D structure of the sample from the recorded 2D interference pattern by computing the field backward to different planes. The software uses the patented single shot phase unwrapping algorithm developed by IIT Delhi. The large depth of field DIHM makes it possible to image large volumes with comparable resolution and simultaneous imaging of particles located at different depths without the need of mechanical scanning. Holmarc made this system particularly for particle size analysis and particle tracking.

HO-DIHM-T01 can be used as both In-situ and Ex-situ for the imaging of particles from sub microns to several millimeter in size. It uses 650nm diode laser with pinhole assembly as point light source and Sony's 2.3MP CMOS sensor IMX174 for recording the interference pattern. This USB 3.0 Sony sensor provides excellent image quality with low-noise performance at 166 fps.

    Type : Transmission DIHM
    Laser source : 650nm diode laser
    Point source : Microscope objective + pinhole assembly
    Camera : 3.17MP CMOS Mono USB 3.0 Global shutter
    Software : Digital IHM_V01
    Phase unwrapping : Patented single shot algorithm
    Axial depth profiling accuracy : ≤ 500nm* (depends on the geometry)
    Particle size analysis.

    Particle tracking.

    Cell biology, 3D dynamic analysis of cells.

    Marine biology.


    Study of ice crystal habits from cloud chamber.

    Deformation analysis.

    Refractive index characterization.

    Ferroelectric metrology.


Fig. 1. DIHM recorded image of carrom powder on glass slide

Fig. 2. Reconstructed image of same recorded image

Sensor specifications

    Sensor type : CMOS Mono
    Shutter : Global Shutter
    Sensor characteristic : Linear
    Readout mode : Progressive scan
    Resolution : 3.17 Mpix
    Resolution (h x v) : 2056 x 1542 Pixel
    Aspect ratio : 4:3
    ADC : 12 bit
    Color depth (camera) : 12 bit
    Optical sensor class : 1 / 1.8”
    Optical size : 7.093 mm x 5.320 mm
    Optical sensor diagonal : 8.87 mm (1 / 1.8”)
    Pixel size : 3.45 um
    Manufacturer : Sony
    Sensor model : IMX252LLR-C
    Gain (master / RGB) : 24x / 4x
    AOI horizontal : same frame rate
    AOI vertical : increased frame rate
    AOI image width / step width : 256 / 8
    AOI image height / step height : 2 / 2
    AOI position grid : 4 / 2 (horizontal / vertical)
    Pixel clock range : 70 MHz – 474 MHZ
    Frame rate free run mode : 134
    Frame rate trigger (continuous) : 134
    Exposure time (min.-max.) : 0.018 ms – 999 ms
    Long exposure (max.) : 30000 ms
    Power consumption : 1.5 W – 3.3 W
    Image memory : 128 MB
    Special features : IDS line scan mode, Sensor source gain, Multi-AOI
    Interface connector : USB 3.0 micro-B
    I/O connector : 8-pin Hirose connector (HR25-7TR-8PA(73))
    Power supply : USB Cable

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