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Dip Coating Unit

with Squeeze Dryer
Model: HO-TH-02BTR

This instrument for dip coating has a substrate squeezer to drain the excess liquid off the sample. The sample is passed through a user adjustable gap, between two rollers made of PTFE, during withdrawal from the liquid.

It also has an infrared heater, which offers a maximum temperature of 200°C from ambient. After each dip, the Infrared heater helps in drying the substrate. It provides uniform heating to the substrate. The temperature is swiftly attained so that the time taken for the dipping process is greatly reduced. The coating thickness can be easily controlled by adjusting the withdrawal rate and the viscosity of the coating solution.

An infrared heater is a body with a higher temperature which transfers energy to a body with a lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation. Infrared heaters can be operated in vacuum or atmosphere. Infrared heaters are usually classified by the wavelength bands of infrared emission. Holmarc’s Dip coating units has a ceramic infrared heating system incorporated with it.

    Actuator :     Servo motor
    Drive mechanism :     Lead screw
    Speed control :     Available
    Power input :     230V, 50Hz
    Stroke length max. :     150 mm
    Drawing speed min. :     18 micron / sec
    Drawing speed max. :     9000 micron / sec
    Dimensions (appx.) :     500 x 600 x 605 mm (W x D x H)
    Program memory :     Unlimited
    User interface :     5 inch touch screen display
    Max. power consumption :     600 Watts
    Max. Temperature :     200° Celsius
    Max. Substrate size :     75 mm x 25 mm
    Weight (appx.) :     45 Kg

Another advantage of this model is that it minimizes the energy consumption as the heater will be activated only after detecting the substrate and hence it can provide the substrate with accurate temperature.

Dip coating unit with squeeze dryer operates in standalone mode. A user friendly front panel with a touch screen display is provided to enter all dipping and withdrawal parameters. It is also possible to save programs for future use.

Key Features  :

Compact and attractive design

Squeeze drying of sample

Adjustable gap between squeeze rollers

User friendly touch screen display

Infrared dryer for precise substrate heating

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