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Dip Coating Unit

with Touch Screen Interface
Model: HO-TH-01T

Holmarc’s Dip Coating Unit with Touch screen Interface delivers an optimized performance and smart technology. Model: HO-TH-01T, features 4.5 inch LED touch screen display. A user can easily input or control all the process parameters through simple or multi-touch gestures by touching the screen. The touch screen enables the user to interact directly with what is displayed, rather than using a keypad. Moreover it can be controlled through a computer. All other features are same as that of Model: HO-TH-01.

Servo motor is used as the actuator for vibration free dipping and withdrawal. The device is designed and manufactured as table top device with entire electronics and servo motor housed in a compact unit. A number of substrates can be held to the holder at the same time. Height of the substrate holder can be adjusted with respect to the level of the solution during the experiment.

    Actuator :     Servo motor
    Drive mechanism :     Lead screw
    Speed control :     Available
    Power input :     230V, 50Hz
    PC connectivity :     USB Interface
    Stroke length max. :     100 mm
    Drawing speed :     18 micron / sec    -    9mm / sec
    Dip duration :     0 - 99 seconds  /  minutes  /  hours
    Max. no.of repetitive dips :     1 - 999
    Interface :     4.5 inch LED Touch screen
    Dimensions (appx.) :     368 x 420 x 512 mm
    Weight (appx.) :     40 Kg

PID Controller is used for optimum heating of the substrate. Apart from other sensors that sense the temperature of the heating chamber as a whole, the infrared sensor gives feedback of the temperature attained by the substrate by monitoring its emissivity.

Dip coating unit with infrared dryer is mainly used in physics, chemistry and biotechnology labs and corresponding research activities. Our device is designed and manufactured as a table top unit with electronics and servo motor aptly positioned making it compact and best suited for laboratory and research activities.

Key Features  :

Compact and attractive design

User friendly keyboard & LCD monitor

PC controllable

User friendly software

Infrared dryer for precise substrate heating

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