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Hot Plate with XYZ Positioner

Model: HO-HPX-01

Holmarc’s HO-HPX-01 hot plate comes with micrometer driven position control in X, Y and Z axes. It also has manual inclination control. It is a versatile instrument equipped with high uniformity heater controlled with an accurate digital thermostat to assure even heating across the entire surface of the hot plate.

The heating surface is made of high quality Stainless steel (316 L grade) which is machined smooth and flat and it contains Nichrome heating coil. The hot plate surface is resistant to spillage and corrosion. Our hot plate features an operating temperature up to 200°C from ambient with good uniformity across the plate surface. PT100 temperature sensor is included in the Hot plate for accurate temperature measurements.

Depending on the region of use, two power options are also available for the Hotplate; 110 V & 220V AC.

Hot plate find application in electronics industry, probing, characterization inspection and failure analysis of semiconductor wafers and chips, surface annealing, metal disposition, baking and in chemical laboratories.

    Inclination :     +/- 60 Degree
    X Travel :     25 mm
    Y Travel :     25 mm
    Z Travel :     25 mm
    Drive :     Micrometer
    Temperature range :     Ambient to 200°C
    Controller :     PID temperature controller with solid state relay
    Sensor :     PT100 temperature sensor
    Hot plate material :     Stainless Steel
    Hot plate dimensions :     77 x 55 mm
    Overall dimensions :     320 x 295 x 380 mm ( without the controller )

The controller, which is placed remotely (can be placed within 1 meter from plate) facilitates microprocessor-controlled feedback which maintains consistent, repeatable temperature settings which is ideal for repetitive procedures.

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