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Kinematic Mirror Mounts

Optic mounts are used for holding optical components such as mirrors, lenses, prisms, filters etc. in an experimental setup. Optic mounts can be simple rigid mounts or can be with multi-axes positioning capabilities.

Rigid Mirror Mounts

RMM Series rigid mirror mounts are post mountable. Optics is held by nylon tipped set screw in a 3 point contact stepped bore of the device.

Rigid Flip Mount

Rigid Flip Mirror Mounts can be used for sudden entry of a mirror or beam splitter in an optical path by flipping action.

Plain Mirror Mounts - MM Series

Front surface of the mount is plain. Optics can be fixed to the front surface of the mount using adhesive. Two types of plane mirror mounts are available.

Kinematic Mount For Rectangular Optics - KMR Series

In KMR series mirror or beam splitter mounts, optics is held in a square pocket machined in the tilting plate of the mount. Nylon tipped soft set-screws are used to tighten the optics in this pocket.

Kinematic Mount For Circular Optics - BM Series

Optics is mounted in a stepped bore at one corner with the help of nylon tipped set screw . Three drive choices are available in BM series mirror / beam spliter mounts

Kinematic Mount For Circular Optics - KMC Series

In KMC series Mirror / Beam splitter mount, optics is mounted at the center of the mirror mount. This mirror mount is suitable for circular mirrors, beam splitters, lenses etc.

Kinematic Mount With Maximum Aperture - BMX Series

In BMX series maximum aperture mirror / beam splitter mount, optics is mounted at the center of the mount. Obstruction from the mount will be minimum.

Kinematic Lens Mounts / Objective Lens Mounts

KLM series threaded type mounts are suitable for mounting Lenses, Microscope objectives, C mount microscopic objectives and camera lenses, lens tubes, condenser lens, beam expanders etc.

Kinematic Cirular Optic Mount with adjustable jaw

Circular optics can be easily inserted and removed in this type of mounts. Self centering jaw provided in this model can secure optics up to 13 mm thickness in varying diameters of 6 to 60mm.

Top Adjustable Plane Mirror Mounts - TAPM Series

Top adjustable TAPM Series Mirror mounts are plane surfaced with center mounting tapped hole for circular adapter. These are also provided with mounting holes at corners for...

Top Adjustable Mounts - TABM Series

Top adjustable mount helps tilting of optics without causing any obstruction to the beam and takes less space compared to rear adjustable mirror mounts.

Adapters & Accessories

Adapters & Accessories

Kinematic Mount for Large Rectangular Optics

In this series, rectangular optics of large size can be mounted. Nylon tipped soft set-screws are used to tighten the optics.

Kinematic Mount For Large Circular Optics

This mirror mount is suitable for fixing optics of large diameters. Optics of 75 mm, 100 mm and 125 mm diameters can be mounted in these devices.

Kinematic Self centering jaw mount for Circular Optics

These mounts are used to mount optics of varying diameters ( 5 mm to 104 mm ).Optics is held by self centering adjustable jaw.

Kinematic Concave Mirror or Optical Flat Holders ( Five Axis Adjustment )

These holders are suitable for optical flat or concave mirror. Optics is held by self centering jaw. Screw adjusters are used for fixing optics firmly.

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