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Lamp Houses

Sodium / Mercury vapor lamp
Multispectrum tube Housing

Holmarc offers a number of light sources to cover the spectral range of 200 - 2000nm which can be mounted directly to our monochromators or can be used independently. With appropriate adapters, some of the sources can be mounted to our monochromators along with an optical chopper or filter wheel. Additional adapters and interface kits are available for focusing and launching the light directly into optical fibers.

Sodium Vapor Lamp

Model No : HO-LH-SV Output Power : 35 W

Sodium vapor lamp is a gas discharge lamp that uses sodium in an excited state to produce light. The lowpressure sodium lamp has remarkably high luminous efficiency. The radiation is nearly mono-chromatic, yellow in color.

HO-LH-SV With power supply Without power supply
Price $ 459 $ 250
Mercury Vapor Lamp

Model No : HO-LH-MV100W

Mercury-vapor lamp is a gas discharge lamp that uses mercury in an excited state to produce light. They offer long life time as well as intense lighting for spectral applications.

Multi Spectrum Tube Housing for spectral calibration

Model No : HO-SP-MSTH-06

Holmarc’s Multi Spectrum Tube Housing holds six spectrum discharge tubes simultaneously. It can quickly switch from one gas to another without displacing the lamp housing. Power supply is common for all discharge tubes, kept inside the unit.

The gas tubes are permanently enclosed to protect the tubes from breakage. Optical fiber can be directly attached to this unit for fiber optic spectrometers.

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