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Laser Microscope

Model No: HO-LMS-01

1. Laser Microscope Setup

    The microscope will be placed over a height adjustable dual rod system (manually operable)
    Height adjustable range (coarse) :     10” - 15”
    Fine adjustable range :     +/- 25 mm
    Centre distance from the dual rod :     7.5 ”
    Breadboard mountable

2. Viewing Head

    a. Siedentopf Trinocular head, 30 degree Inclination, 48 - 75mm IP adjustment
    b. Eyepiece = 10X Wide field eyepiece, FN = 20 mm, dioptre adjustable
    c. FOV (eyepiece) with 10X objective = 2mm diameter

3. Nosepiece

    a. Manual, revolving, quadruple with positive precision click stops
    b. RMS objective threads
    c. Four port for adding objective lens
    d. Objectives :     Not in the scope of supply
    e. Focusing :     Not in the scope of supply

4. Sample illumination

    a. Two independent port for sample illumination at 180 degree to each other will be provided
    b. One port will allow Laser based illumination using laser line mirror
    c. Other port will allow High bright white LED with Intensity adjustable facility
    d. Co-axial top illumination
    e. Optical system :     Infinity corrected
    f. Observation Method :     bright field
5. Laser excitation port

    a. Laser is not in the scope of supply
    b. Movable 532 nm Laser line mirror will be provide
    c. Can be moved away when laser is not using
    d. A protective screen will be provided above the mirror to protect the camera from laser
    e. Provision for replacing the mirror
    f. The mirror and beam splitter (for LED) will be mounted on a moveable mechanism such a way that by adjusting a lever, one can switch between the laser mirror and the beam splitter
    g. Only one illumination, either laser or LED, is allowed at a time
6. Laser mirror

    a. 25.4 mm / 1" dia and 6 mm / 0.24" width
    b. Reflectivity >99 % @532nm
    c. Damage threshold = >5J/cm2

7. Camera Specifications for recording sample image

    a. Optical format :     1/2.5” CMOS or better
    b. Active imager size :     5.7 mm x 4.28 mm or better
    c. Active pixels :     Min. 5 MP
    d. Pixel size :     2.2 x 2.2 um or smaller
    e. Shutter type :     ERS
    f. Frame rate :     26.7 fps or better
    g. Spectral response :     400 - 600 nm or better
    h. Exposure time :     between 0.072 ms - 3000 ms
    i. Image format :     RAW, JPG or PNG
    j. Operating temperature :     5ºC to 45ºC or better
    k. Interface :     USB2.0 or USB 3.0
    l. Camera Lens mount :     C-mount
    m. Image grabbing software for storing in viewing in Window 10 compatible PC

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