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Laser Raman Spectrometer

(PMT Based)

Model: HO-ED-S-06

Laser Raman Spectrometer (Model no: HO-ED-S-06) is primarily meant for post graduate courses in Physics and Engineering. It can be used as a laboratory analyzing tool as well.


The monochromator is of Czerny-Turner design with 50 mm x 50mm size plane grating having 1200 lines per millimeter. A sine drive mechanism with classic design is employed for rotation of grating by using a stepper motor. Enhanced aluminium coated concave mirrors are used for collimating the signal light. The monochromator chamber is sealed air tight. No user adjustments required for normal use.


PMT is used as detector. It is kept near to exit slit in an enclosure. The high voltage power supply required for PMT is made integrated with the detector housing.

Control Electronics and Software

Electronics hardware is made integrated for monochromator, detector and laser source so that fully automatic operation is possible from an interfaced computer. The software developed is dedicated for Laser Raman spectrometer with all standard capabilities. Holmarc’s engineers entertain customization of this software on request.

Sample Illumination and signal collection

Sample is illuminated by a laser. Though the instrument is supplied with 532 nm DPSS laser, it can be replaced by any laser of user's choice to suit application requirements. Laser mount and illumination chamber is made compatible for this purpose. Laser is guided to the sample by mirrors mounted on kinematic mounts. Sample can be either liquid or solid. Sample chamber is designed in such a way that liquid in a test tube or solid held on pin can be mounted for illumination. We customize the sample chamber at no extra cost as well. For efficient collection of signals, concave mirror and lenses are incorporated in the sample chamber.

Experiment Examples

    To record the vibrational Raman spectrum of CCl4 molecule

    To record the polarized Raman spectrum of CCl4 molecule

    To calculate the depolarization ratio of CCl4 molecule and to determine if the mode of vibration is symmetric or asymmetric vibrational Raman mode

    To record the Raman spectrum of diamond

    To record the Raman spectrum of acetone, Iso propanol etc or unknown chemicals


    Computer-controlled, user-friendly interface

    Capable of automatic recording of Raman spectra

    DPSS laser is used as light source

    Both solid and liquid samples can be analyzed

    High sensitive PMT is used as the detector

    PMT protection feature

    The system is assembled as a standalone unit with a footprint of 800 mm x 600mm
Spectometer Specifications

    Laser    :    532nm 40 mW DPSS laser

    Wavelength range    :    200 ~ 800 nm (Monochromator)

    Wavelength accuracy    :    ≤ 0.4 nm

    Wavelength repeatability    :    ≤ 0.2 nm

    Reciprocal of linear dispersion    :    2.7 mm

    Resolution of the slit    :    0.01 mm

    Notch filter wave length    :    532 nm

    CWL tolerance (nm)    :    +/- 5.3 nm

    Half-width of spectral line    :    ≤ 0.2nm @ 586nm
Monochromator Specifications

    Relative aperture ratio    :    D / F    1 / 5.5

    Optical grating    :    1200 l / mm

    Slit width    :    0 ~2 mm continuously adjustable

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