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Long Travel Translation Stage

LTTS series manual translation stages provide maximum travel with minimum overall footprint. Re-circulating type ball bearing guide ways are used in all models. Drive is given by either ball screws or lead screws fixed by the side of the stage.

Travel can range from 50 mm to 500 mm. Tapped holes are provided on top and counter bored holes are provided on base for mounting purpose. For all the standard products, construction is in aluminium alloy. Circular graduations are there on driving knob. There are linear graduations by the side of the stage.

Translation Stage with Vernier readout

These stages are suitable for manual coarse positioning applications. A graduated scale with vernier readout is fixed to one side of the stage for repeated positioning.

MLS Series

MLS series stages are available in various sizes. The width ranges from 65 mm to 200mm. The stage can be locked anywhere after positioning by making use of a locking nut

LTTS 50 Series

These stages have rectangular through holes at the center, primarily meant for back illumination. The top surface has stepped under cut on the periphery of the central hole

LTTS 75 Series

These stages are similar to LTTS-50, except that width is 75mm instead of 50mm. A linear scale is fixed to the side for positioning references.

LTTS 125 Series

These stages feature carriages having 125mm width. Recirculating type ball bearing guide ways makes the linear motion play-less and friction free.

LTTS 150 Series

These stages have 150mm width carriages for mounting heavy loads. Re-circulating type ball bearing guide-ways ensure stability under heavy loads.

LTTS 200 Series

These stages can be loaded upto 90 kg vertically. Recirculating type ball bearing guide ways are used to ensure stability under load conditions.

LTTS 250 Series

These are designed for carrying heavy loads. Size of the mounting platform is made 250 x 250mm to accommodate loads upto a size of 300 x 30mm (length x width)

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