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Multiple Dip Coater

Model: HO-TH-02MD

Holmarc’s Multiple Dip Coater (Model No: HO-TH-02MD) comes with six beaker holders and provision to mount a high temperature furnace. A customer supplied furnace with a temperature up to 1200°C can be mounted vertically. The substrate holder can be made of Molybdenum to withstand the high temperature. The dip-coating solution and the furnace are positioned in a circle about a rotating arm of the dip coater. Hence, it is possible to coat different solutions alternatively, with heating in furnace in between them.

It has been designed to keep operator involvement as minimum as possible so that variables like speed, duration, etc. are maintained accurately by computer or microprocessor controller. Movements are achieved by a precision servo motor controlled stage.

Dip-coating process includes five stages: immersion, start-up, deposition, evaporation and drainage. In the dip coating method, the substrate is slowly dipped into and withdrawn from a tank containing the solution, with a uniform velocity, in order to obtain a uniform coating. This device allows multiple dipping of the substrate in different solutions, followed by heating in furnace after each dip. The angle between the furnace and the dipping solution/s can also be programmable (for ex: 90 deg., 180 deg. and so on).

A microprocessor based system along with user friendly software takes care of accurate control throughout the process. Speed, traverse and idling duration can be programmed. The system is complete with mechanics, substrate holder, electronics and software.

    Actuator :     Servo motor
    Drive mechanism :     Lead screw
    Speed control :     Available
    Power input :     230V, 50Hz
    PC connectivity :     Serial port (RS 232)
    Stroke length max. :     200mm (in furnace*), 75mm (in solution)
    Drawing speed :     18 micron / sec    -    9mm / sec
    Dip duration :     0 - 99 sec / min / hr
    Max. no. of repetitive dips :     1 - 999
    Maximum load capacity :     2 Kg
    Dimension of Furnace :     250 mm Dia x 300 H
    Dimensions (appx.) :     580 x 600 x 580 mm H
    Weight (appx.) :     45 Kg
    * Furnace not in the scope of supply

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