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Quantum Efficiency

& IV Measurement System

The spectral responsivity or quantum efficiency (QE) is essential for understanding current generation, recombination, and diffusion mechanisms in photovoltaic devices. PV cell and module calibrations often require a spectral correction factor that uses the QE. The quantum efficiency in units of electron - hole pairs collected per incident photon is computed from the measured spectral response in units of amperes per watt as a function of wavelength.

Model HO-SC-QEIV is integrated with 300W Xenon lamp with housing, optics, power supply and an easy to use software with capability to measure dark and lighted IV characteristics of solar cell and quantum efficiency measurement (300nm-1600nm).

System includes a sample stage, capable of accommodating samples up to 50 mm diameter and probes to contact the sample. Light is normally incident on the sample. Fixed frequency chopper and lock in amplifier are used for modulating the light at a frequency of 400Hz for measuring spectral response. Wavelength resolution of monochromator is 0.1nm. Illumination area can be adjusted using lens assembly system.

It can also be used for characterization / measurement of the imaging systems (cameras) and other detectors in terms of linearity range, spatial non-uniformity of response (the variation of responsivity across the active area of a detector) etc. Detector characterization allows identification of the detector with the best performance for a particular application.

    Wavelength Range :     400 nm - 1200 nm
    Wavelength Resolution :     0.1 nm
    Light source :     300W Xenon arc lamp
    Chopper frequency :     400 Hz
    Bias light :     3W high bright LED
    Maximum beam / Sample diameter :     50 mm
    Voltage range :     1 to -1 V
    Resolution :     5 mV
    Current range :     0.1 uA to 0.75 A

    Measurement of the spectral response and quantum efficiency of a solar cell from 300 nm to 1600nm

    Measurement of dark and lighted IV characteristics of a solar cell using a four quadrant power supply

    300 W Xenon Lamp with integrated power supply

    300 F Quasar Monochromator (300 - 1600 nm) with order sorting filters.

    Flip mirror for the selection of measurement mode (Quantum efficiency or IV)

    50mm beam diameter for lighted IV measurement

    Sample holder with manual X-Y positioning system to align the position of the light beam on the sample

    Sample size up to 50 mm

    Built-in optical chopper and lock in amplifier.

    LED bias light

System consists of :

300 W Xenon Lamp with integrated power supply

300F Quasar Monochromator (300-1600 nm) with order sorting filters.

Selectable flip mirror assembly for quantum efficiency measurement / lighted I-V measurement. For lighted IV a collimated beam of 50 mm diameter is used.

Sample holding and x-y manual positioning unit arrangement helps to keep the sample horizontally.

Electronics to measure dark and lighted I-V Characteristics: Current range - 0.1 μA to 0.75 A. Voltage range -5V to +5 V

Sample stage with vacuum chuck

Chopper and lock in amplifier
Sample stage with XYZ translation

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