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Spectrometer - Goniometer

Model: HO-SP-RE-01

Spectrometer-Goniometer is a versatile instrument for studying the spectrum of different light sources as well as for characterization of components like prisms and gratings. Unlike common spectrometers, this model is designed in such a way that students get better understanding of the working principles of spectrometer. All modules are deliberately made open and easy to understand. Students gain hands on experience in the basics of spectroscopy.

This Goniometer is used for measuring optical data of prisms. It offers precise angle and refractive index measurements. The well designed mechanics of the Goniometer allows maintenance-free operation over many years. Conventionally, the measurement of refractive index is carried out with a dispersion prism made from the material to be tested. For the measurement of refractive index of fluids, a hollow prism, which is filled with the liquid, is used. It can also be used as a spectroscope for qualitative examination and measurement of emission and absorption spectra.


Experiment Possible

    Determination of refractive index of the solid prism

The refractive index of the solid prism using the formula,

n    =    sin  ( (α+β) / 2 )   /   sin (α/2)

Where α is angle of the prism & β is angle of minimum deviation.

    Dispersive power of the material of the prism

Dispersive power,

ω = (n2- n1) / (n - 1)


n1 and n2 are the refractive indices of the prism for any two colours, and n = (n1 + n2 ) / 2

    Refractive index of various liquids using liquid prism

Replace the solid prism with hollow prism containing the liquid for which the refractive index to be calculated.

The experimental procedure is same as solid prism.

    Determine the grating constant of a diffraction grating

If a parallel beam of monochromatic light is incident normally on the face of a plane transmission diffraction grating, bright diffraction maxima are observed on the other side of the grating. These diffraction maxima satisfy the grating condition :

d sinθ = nλ

d is the distance between slits = 1/N is the grating constant, is the number of lines per unit length. n is the order of spectrum which can take values 0, ±1, ±2, ±3 …….

λ is the wavelength of the incident light.

This equation is referred to as grating equation.


    Inspection Telescope Magnification : 10 x

    Resolution of Prism Table : 30 arc minute

    Resolution of Stage : 1 arc minute

    Variable slit : Micrometer controlled, continuously variable 0 - 3mm


    Modern and user friendly design

    Mercury lamp is used as light source

    Symmetrical precision slit

    Height of prism table is adjustable

    High-quality optics
Scope of Supply



Model No: HO-SP-RE-01-G
Resolution of prism table : 30 arc min
Resolution of Spectrometer : 1 arc min
Quantity : 1 no.

Optical Rail

Optical Rail

Model No: HO-SP-RE-01-OR
Length : 500 mm
Material : Black anodized Aluminum alloy
Quantity : 1 no.

Slit with Mount

Slit with Mount

Model No: HO-SP-RE-01-SM
Controlling : Micrometer
Slit Size : 0 - 3mm
Quantity : 1 no.

Collimating Lens with Mount

Collimating Lens with Mount

Model No: HO-SP-RE-01-CLM
Material : N-BK7
Focal length : 202 mm
Diameter : 50 mm
Quantity : 1 no.

Mercury Vapor Lamp with Power Supply

Mercury Vapor Lamp with Power Supply

Model No: HO-SP-RE-01-MLPS
Input : 230V, 50 Hz
Quantity : 1 no.



Model No: HO-SP-RE-01-T
Magnification : 10 X
Quantity : 1 no.

Hollow Prism

Hollow Prism

Model No: HO-SP-RE-01-HP
Material : PMMA
Quantity : 1 no.

Equilateral Prism

Equilateral Prism

Model No: HO-SP-RE-01-EP
Material : N-SF1
Quantity : 1 no.

Holographic Grating

Holographic Grating

Model No: HO-SP-RE-01-HG
Groove spacing : 500 lines / mm
Size : 50 x 50 mm
Quantity : 1 no.


User Manual

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