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Telecentric Digital Inspection /
Measuring Microscope

Holmarc's MM221V is a telecentric lens-based digital inspection / measuring microscope designed for high precision for dimensional tolerance measurements of various objects. MM221V Series is well suited for a wide range of applications from shop-floor inspection, measurement of tools, and machined parts to precise measurement of test tools in a measuring room. It is designed as a computer-based system.

Bottom, Angled, and co-axial illumination are provided in MM221V Series. A Green LED is employed as the co-axial light source. Illumination intensity can be adjusted for the most convenient and suitable illumination.

The XY stage used is of measurement grade fitted with precision digital micrometers of 1micron resolution. Measurements are taken by movement of the stage. The digital crosswire is aligned with the first reference line or a point on the specimen or test object. Then the stage is moved watching the image to the second point on the object. Actual measurements are provided by digital micrometer reading. The depth can also be measured precisely using the digital micrometer on the Z stage on which the optics head is fixed. By lowering or raising the optics head, a point can be made in to focus or out of focus. By bringing the two points at different depths into focus one by one by moving the Z- micrometer, the depth can be obtained from the micrometer readings.

    Effective Magnification :     1 X
    Vision :     Digital PC Based software measurements
    Working Distance :     40 mm
    Working Throat :     100 mm
    Objective Design :     Telecentric
    Mount :     C-Mount
    Typical Distortion @ 588nm :     0.0083 %
    Typical Telecentricity @ 588nm :     0.02°
    Working Distance Tolerance :     ±1 mm
    Angular Measurement Unit :     0.1 Degree Scale
    Stage :     XY High Precision Stage
    Travel (X, Y) :     25 x 25mm (Available range up to 400 x 200mm)
    XY Measurement Resolution :     1 Micron
    Illumination :     Variable High Bright LED Angled, Bottom & Coaxial Illumination
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