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Automated Filling &

Sealing station

With Cartridge sensing system
High filling accuracy of ± 0.5% in single dosing

1. Automated i4 Cartridge Filling / Sealing station (TDU 9000S) with QR code printing, labeling & reader online system.

Model : HO-BLI-TDU9000S

TDU9000S is a 3 x 6 channel Precision Automated Inspection, Filling & Sealing station. Designed for filling and sealing and optical inspection of cartridges and tubes used in pharmaceuticals, biotech and bio-pharmaceutical industry. Machine is compact and provides higher production output. It also fulfills the desires of many manufacturers to have a truly customized solution to fit their needs.

Pre-inspection Automation : System design Based on Si Photodiode photo-metric measurements and a camera based polarized bottom leak scratch detection. The onboard camera and detector unit will analyse each cuvettes for transparency, crack, scratch and other deformation.

Technical Specifications

Output : 500 Cartridges / Hr

Movements : Motorized conveyor system

Controls : Automated rejection & counter unit

Measurement parameters for rejection : Transparency, crack & scratch

Photo-metric Unit : Hamamatsu Si Photodiode detector

Transmittance Range :0 to 100 %

Resolution : 0.1 %

Absorbance Range : 0 to 2 A

Resolution : 0.001 A

Digital Imaging Unit : 5 MP camera based system for deformation inspection

Sensor : CMOS, Color, 5Mp

Optical format : 1/2.5”

Active imager size : 5.70mm x 4.28mm (7.13mm diagonal)

Active pixels : 2592 H x 1944 V

Pixel size : 2.2um x 2.2um

Dynamic range : 67.7dB

Shutter : Electronic rolling shutter

Software interface : TWAIN / DirectShow

Operating mode : Continuous output

Adapter type : C’ Mount

Polarizer type : Linearly polarized

Polarizer rotator : 360 degree continuous

Resolution : 1 degree

Operation Mode : Stand alone

Operation : Microprocessor controlled unit


Structural Materials : Teflon / stainless steel / Black Anodized Alluminum Alloys

Power supply : 220 - 240v 50/60 Hz supply

Salient Features

High speed operation

Compact & versatile

All contact parts made from high quality Stainless Steel 316

Machine body is elegantly finished from Stainless Steel 304

Cartridge sensing system to avoid wastage of costly liquid

High filling accuracy of ± 0.5% in single dosing

All operations on one platform, hence less space requirement


1. Cartridge loading on tray/conveyor

2. Cartridge Automatic position sensing

3. Transparency photo-metric inspection

4. Crack scratch and deformation detection by polarizer imager unit

5. Automatic rejection module for rejecting failed Cartridges

6. Rejection and filling counts will be displayed on monitor

TDU 9000S Filling / Sealing Specifications

Cartridge Type : i4

Output : 500 Cartridges / Hr

Filling Range : 1ul to 300ul

No. of filling head : 18

No. of liquid channels : 3

No. of filling per channel : 6

Output : 1000 cartridges / hr

Cartridge Type : Plastic

Contact Parts : Stainless Steel 316

Material construction : Stainless Steel 304

Filling pump type : Syringe Pump - Micro pipettes

Filling Format : 3 x 6 Channel

Actuator : Stepper Motor

Cutting Unit : Mechanical

Dispensing accuracy: +/- 0.5% Max

Sealing unit : RT-200 Degree C variable temperature Head

Filling Module : 6 Channel Motorized Pipetter with aspiration / dispensing controls

QR Code reader : Integrated QR code inspection system on label feeder

Labeling : Automated online labeling with optical inspection (System will automatically sense the QR passed sticker and stick on the cartridges accordingly)

Operation Mode : PC Based

Operation : Microprocessor controlled unit


Structural Materials : Teflon / stainless steel / Black Anodized Aluminum Alloys.

Power supply : 220-240v 50/60 Hz supply


1. Cartridge loading on tray / conveyor

2. Cartridge Automatic position sensing

3. Sticker roll feeder movement

4. QR Code Reading - sensing process

5. Auto labeling and fixing by sensing the cartridge

6. 6 Channel Motorized Pipetter Aspiration process

7. 6 Channel Motorized Pipetter liquid Dispensing process

8. Cartridge Sealing process

9. Cartridge cutting/finishing process

10. QR Code/ bar-code reading process

11. Rejection/warning of failed Cartridges

12.Rejection and filling counts will be displayed on a monitor(All datas are saved on a computer for future analysis)

13.Output Collection (Manual)

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