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Multi-channel Precision Line Dispenser
Model : HO-BL-MCPLD-214L

  Precision Line dispensing Facility.
  Can dispense reagent from 1 line to multi-lines or dot simultaneously.
  Reversible pump allows easy pursing and cleaning.
  Height adjuster for tip to control space between dispensing lines.
  Programmable parameters for adjusting dispensing volume and feeding table speed.
  Separate pumping system for each channel ensures accurate dispensing volume, easy control and high stability.

Holmarc’s multi channel line dispensing system can be used for production as well as research in life science and bio-technology for dispensing reagent liquid in line or dot format on sheet substrate. Up to four lines can be printed at the same time with different dispensing rate for each line.

Independent syringe pumps are used for each line. All parameters are programable from the front panel of stand alone controller of the system.


Applicable sheet size : Max. 320 x 320 mm
Dispenser : Syringe pump
Dispensing volume : Line : Minimum 0.5 ㎕ / cm
Dot : Minimum 0.5 ㎕ / dot
Accuracy : < 1.0% deviation from expected result at full stroke
Precision : ≤ 0.05% CV at full stroke
Feeding speed : Adjustable
Power : 110 Volt or 230 Volt, 50 Hz or 60 Hz

MICRO Plate 8 Channel Precision Dispensing Station
Model : HO-BL-MPPD-214S

HOLMARC Bio LABS MICRO Plate Dispensing Station is specially designed tool suitable for fast, repetitive dispensing of microliter to milliliter volumes into 8 channel well container. It ensures precise dispensing and offers an economical, compact, and reliable alternative to existing microplate dispensers.

Accurate and precise dispensing are guaranteed without time consuming re-calibration, cassette replacement and maintenance. Model HO-BL-MPLD-214S is a 8 channel dispenser designed for 96 well plates. It incorporates a microprocessor controlled syringe pump for optimal performance and guarantees optimal precision and accuracy.

The user controlled dispense flow rates allow low to high speed dispensing for any application. Holmarc BioLAB DI software provides a high degree of control over process parameters. Column selection offers the choice of dispensing a few columns, or a complete plate. For optimal dispensing accuracy, the software allows fine tuning the dispense volume. It can be used for any dispensing task with microtiter plates in molecular biology, immunology, genomics both in clinical as well as pre-clinical activities.

Holmarc can also under take custom modifications in the system like individual dispense heads (different fluids can be dispensed into a single microplate), optical reader, fluorescence detection unit etc.

8 Nozzle Dispensing
Accurate dispense channels
Low dead volume
Fast dispenses
Adjustable dispensing range
Configurable for different well plates
Microprocessor controlled syringe pump
Removable tubings
Small footprint
No recalibration required
Minimum dispense volume of 1 μL
Dispense precision: ≤ 5% CV

for more details :

Ph : 91-484-2540075

Single Channel Dispensing Station
Model : HO-BL-SCDS-214P

Holmarc’s single channel dispensing station (Model: HOBL-SCDS-214P) automates repetitive dispensing of liquids in to bottles or container in the pre determined quantities. The system consist of a peristaltic pump, conveyor belt for positioning of bottler in x axis, two axis positioning (Y & Z) for dispensing nozzle and stand alone controllers with user interface integrated in the station.

Use of peristaltic pump with easily replaceable tubes prevent contamination or the pump liquid in this case do not touch any of the pump parts except the tubing.


Type : Single Channel Dispensing
Feeding : Motorized Conveyer System
Feeding Tray Size : Standard, 96 Well Plate
Dispensing : Peristaltic Pump
Flow rates : 0 - 1 to 5 ml / min
Motor : Stepper Motor
Power supply : 220 - 240v 50/60 Hz supply
User Interface : 20 x 4 Line LCD & 15 Keys Keyboard

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