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Programmable Multi-Nozzle
Spraying System with Hot Plate

Model: HO-TH-04C3H

Programmable Multi-Nozzle Spraying System automates the process of multilayer spraying by using a stepper motor controlled mechanism to move the spray head in the XY plane, a stepper motor controlled dispenser to achieve precise flow rate, a compressor with a pressure regulator, a stepper motor controller and a simple easy to use software which enables the user to document the coating parameters for later use.

This model comes with a hot plate of 150x150mm area and a maximum temperature of 500 Degree Celsius.

    Number of Syringe pump nozzle     1
    Nozzle tip     Blunt end needle
    Nozzle type     Compressed air assisted
    Optimum pressure range     8 psi to 12 psi
    Nozzle height adjustment     Manual
    Height adjustment range     5 cm to 15 cm
    Number of precursor dispensers     3
    Dispenser type     Microprocessor controlled piston movement
    Piston Actuator     Stepper motor
    Dispensing Rate     1 ml / min - 10 ml / min
    Container capacity     50 ml & 250 ml
    Container material of construction     Glass and Nylon
    Sprayer movement in X & Y axis     Programmable
    X travel     1 mm to 150 mm
    Y travel     1 mm to 150 mm
    X speed     10 mm/s to 800 mm/s
    Y speed     2 mm/s to 12 mm/s
    XY sprayer actuator     Stepper motor
    Spray area     10 cm x 10 cm
    User interface     PC software
    Software controllable parameters     X / Y travel, speed, dispensing rate, delay & coating duration
    XY spray duration     1 min to 60 min
    Stationary spray duration     1 sec to 240 sec
    Hot plate area     150 mm x 150 mm
    Temperature range     Ambient to 500 Degree Celsius
    Temperature control     Dedicated digital PID controller
    PC interface     RS232C
    RS232C cable length     5 meter
    USB to serial converter     Available
    Compatible operating system     Windows XP / 2000 / 7 / 8 / 10
    Compressor included     Yes
    Pressure control     Built-in pressure regulator
    Power     1 hp
    Input supply voltage     230V 50Hz
    Note : PC not in the scope of supply.

Syringe Pump

Syringe pump is preferable to the glass dispenser for solutions which should be sprayed at lower flow rates (<1ml / min). It works with very low volume of solution as the syringe is directly connected to the spray nozzle, avoiding the use of lengthy tubes which should be filled first before the solution can reach the nozzle. (# Sold Separately)

Weight (appx.) - 345 Kg
Note : Dedicated earthing for the unit should be provided onsite by the customer for safe operation of the equipment

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