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Model: HO-ED-O-03
Price : $ 685.00

A refractometer device used for the measuring the refractive index of samples using the concepts of critical angle and total internal reflection. Holmarc's Refractometer (Model No: HO-ED-O-03) is an experimental model designed for understanding the basics of refractometry.

In this experiment, the sample is placed on a dove prism made of high refractive index. LED light of wavelength 589nm is collimated and directed to the interface between the prism and the solution. The light rays meet the interface at different angles. Some of these angles are larger than the critical angle of the interface so that light is totally reflected. For angles of incidence smaller than the critical angle, light is partially transmitted (i.e. lost). Thus a shadow (less luminescence) is created on the screen. From the position of the shadow line we can find the refractive index.
Bright LED light is used here. Fine adjustments in grazing or incident angle can be done using kinematic tuning of the LED mount. The lenses and dove prism are fixed on rail carriers which are held on graduated solid aluminum rail. All the mounts are made of anodized aluminum and can be mounted easily on the optical rail.

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   To find the refractive index of an unknown solution.

Scope of Supply

Optical Rail

Model No: ED-O-03-OR
Length : 750 mm
Material : Aluminum alloy
Finish : Black anodized
Quantity : 1 no.

Kinematic Laser Mount

Model No: ED-O-03-KLM
Material : Aluminum alloy
Finish : Black anodized
Adjustments : Using 80 tpi lead screws
Adjustment Range : +/-4 degrees
Quantity : 1 no.

Dove Prism with Mount

Model No: ED-O-03-DPM
Material : F4 or equivalent & N-SF1 or equivalent
Effective aperture : 90 %
Surface Quality : 40 - 20 (scratch-dig)
Dimensional Tolerance : + 0.0, -0.2 mm
Angle tolerance : +/- 3 arc min
Surface flatness : λ / 4 @ 632.8 nm
Perpendicularity : +/- 3 arc min
Quantity : 1 no. each

Plano Convex Lens with Mount

Model No: ED-O-03-PCLMP
Material : N-BK7
Diameter : 25 mm
Focal Length : 40 mm
Quantity : 1 no.

Biconvex Convex Lens with Mount

Model No: ED-O-03-BCLM
Material : N-BK7
Diameter : 25 mm
Focal Length : 100 mm
Quantity : 1 no.

White Screen with Mount

Model No: ED-O-03-WSM
Material : Acrylic
Quantity : 2 nos.

LED with Variable Power supply

Model No: ED-O-03-LEDP
Power : 0 - 3 W (Variable)
Wavelength : 589 nm
Colour : White
Quantity : 1 no.


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ISO 9001:2015 Made in INDIA

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