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SILAR Coating System

with Magnetic Stirrer & Air-tight Chamber

Model: HO-TH-03BV1

Holmarc’s SILAR coating system with Magnetic stirrer and Air-tight Chamber (Model No: HO-TH-03BV1) features an air-tight chamber with a service window and an operating window. The unit provides inlet and outlet valves for inert gas purging. This helps to protect samples from moisture or oxygen exposure at the end of the coating process. It provides four separate platforms to place coating solutions each with magnetic stirrer. User can also control the speed of the magnetic stirrer for each beaker independently by using the knobs on the front panel of the controller.

The system has a user friendly front panel with keyboard and LCD display to enter all the process parameters such as Dip Length, Dip Speed, Dip Duration, Retrieval Speed, Dry Duration, No. of cycles etc. The desired parameters can be entered independently for each interested beaker positions. It can be controlled through a PC as well.

The SILAR technique involves multiple dipping of the substrate in a given solution and de-ionized water. In manual SILAR process, the operator has to perform hundreds of repetitive dipping into the solution and water. In this automated unit, the operator need just to clamp the substrate into the holder and program the controller with required dip cycles, speed and duration.

    Actuator :     Stepper motor
    Drive mechanism :     Lead screw
    Dip duration :     0 - 99 seconds / minutes / hours
    Number of dips :     1 - 999
    Stirrer speed :     0 - 999 rpm
    PC connectivity :     Serial port (RS 232)
    Stroke length :     75 mm
    Power input :     230V, 50Hz
    Air tight chamber :     Available
    Weight (appx.) :     130 Kg
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