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Heavy Duty Goniometer Rx Ry Rz

Model : CGMRZ-300-200
≤ 0.5° Position Accuracy
Dual Axis goniometer with Rotation Stage

This goniometer system offers precise angular positioning and manipulation along three axes (Rx, Ry and Rz), providing versatility and control over object orientation in laboratory or experimental setups. With its sturdy construction and high load carrying capacity, it is suitable for a wide range of applications requiring accurate angular adjustments and stability. The inclusion of locking knobs ensures secure positioning once the desired orientation is achieved. Its compact size and manual drive mechanism make it convenient for use in various research and industrial environments.

    Top Platform Size :     200 x 200 mm ^2
    Angular Travel :     Rx : > = ± 15 degrees
        Ry : > = ± 15 degrees
        Rz : 360 degrees
    Locking Mechanism :     Provided with locking knobs
    Load Carrying Capacity :     Up to 100 Kg
    Tapped Holes for Payload Mounting :     M6 tapped
    Mounting Holes on Base :     M6 counterbore
    Position Accuracy :     ≤ 0.5 degrees
    Drive Mechanism :     Manual
    Overall Size :     350 mm x 350 mm x 278 mm
    Overall Weight :     Approximately 65 kg
    Material :     Aluminium black anodised

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