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Motorized Multi Axis Stage (Linear & Rotary Configuration)

Most of the linear and rotary stages manufactured by Holmarc are modular in design that these can be assembled with suitable angle brackets and adapter plates to obtain multi-axes stages. Three of the linear and rotary combination stages are described in this section.

XYZ Theta Stage 500

In this model, theta stage is fixed to carriage of the Z stage with an bracket so that top surface of the theta stage is horizontal.

XYZ Theta Stage 100

This configuration helps to mount components on top of the theta stage without obstructions from any sides.

XY Theta Stage

As evident from the photograph, theta stage is placed on top of X-Y stages. All three axes are motorized still hand knobs are given behind each motor

XYZ Stage

In this design, a long travel Z stage is fixed on top of 250mm travel XY stage. 200 x 200mm area angle bracket is placed on the Z stage

5 axis Stage

Rotary stage giving C movement will be mounted on the rotary stage giving A movement. Rotary stage (giving A movement) will be mounted on Z stage.

5 axis Stage Vacuum

These stages have through holes at the center with a step on the top of the stage for placing a transparent glass disc if required.

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