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Motorized Heavy Duty Rotation Stage - MRSH Series Print

These are heavy duty stages which can take vertical loads beyond 200 kg’s. Worm and gear assembly perfectly matched to minimize play and back-lash is used as drive mechanism. The top rotating part which is plane in this case, is provided with rotary graduations on the periphery throughout 360 degree.

Radial play is eliminated by the use of preloaded thrust bearings using balls as rolling elements. Stepper motor is used as the electrical actuator and is connected to the worm. Shaft of the stepper motor is connected to a rotating knob as well for manual adjustments, when ever required. Top surface of the stage is provided with tapped holes and base with counter bored holes for mounting. Standard stages are manufactured in aluminium alloy and finished by black anodizing. The stage can be manufactured in stainless steel and mild steel as well with the required finish.
    Material : Aluminium
    Turn table dimension : upto 500 x 500 mm
    Load Capacity : upto 500 Kg
    Maximum Speed : 10 degree / sec
    Traverse : 360°
    Actuator : Stepper motor
    Control Type : Closed loop using rotary encoder
    Encoder resolution : 200 ppr
Preloaded rolling contact bearings are used to minimize friction and to eliminate play.
Drive by precision worm gear assembly.
Graduated rotary scales are provided for visual reference of positions.
Can be fitted to our motorized linear stages for multi axis configurations.
The stages are constructed out of aluminium, steel or SS depending upon the applications.
Model No: D
Degree /
Half step
micro stepping
MRSH 300 300 250 60 300 kg 1.8° 0.0045° 1/8,
MRSH 400 400 450 80 350 kg 2.4° 0.006°
MRSH 500 500 500 80 500 kg 0.005°
    Fine rotation <1 arc min.
    Double bearing design
    Precision worm gears
    M6 / M8 mounting holes
    M6 / M8 / M12 C’bored holes
Radar positioning
Probe positioning
Sun tracking radiometer
Antenna positioning etc.
To meet the most critical positioning demands, rotary encoder is used. It converts the angular position of a shaft to digital code, making it an angle transducer.
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