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XYTSW Series XY moving Stage

Finds applications in optical Instruments
Available in different carrier & aperture sizes

These stages have rectangular through holes at the center, primarily meant for back illumination. The top surface has stepped under cut on the periphery of the central hole for keeping a glass plate of suitable size. Lead screw-nut mechanism provides the linear drive, fixed by the side of the stage. These stages are best suited for measuring instruments like profile projectors and custom microscopes.

Crossed roller based linear guides are used for achieving precision linear motion. The guide ways are factory preloaded to eliminate play and wobble. Coefficient of friction is less than 0.003. Standard stages are constructed in aluminium alloy and finished by black anodizing. XYTSW Series XY moving Stages are most suitable for measuring instruments like profile Projectors and Inspection microscopes. It also finds applications in volumetric analysis and can be used for two axis positioning of bottler for dispensing nozzle.

        Precision ground lead screw / ball screw
        Quick movement
        Straight line accuracy    :    0.010mm
        Black anodized finish
        M6 mounting holes

XYTSWM Series XY Heavy Duty Moving Platform

These are heavy duty XY stages capable of supporting comparative heavy loads. These stages find applications in positioning heavy loads.

XYTS Series XY Moving Platform

These are heavy duty XY positioning stages driven by lead screw nut mechanism fixed by the side of the stage. The side drive design reduces overall footprint of the stage

Model No. Carriage Size Aparture Size Travel H L W L1 W1 Price ( $ )
XYTSW175175 175 x 175 75 x 75 50, 50 65 175 175 75 75 873.00
XYTSW225225 225 x 225 125 x 125 100, 100 65 225 225 125 125 1063.00
XYTSW325225 325 x 225 225 x 125 200, 100 75 325 225 225 125 1200.00
XYTSW325295 325 x 295 225 x 195 200, 170 75 325 295 195 175 1309.00
XYTSW425295 425 x 295 325 x 195 300, 170 75 425 295 195 175 1581.00
    * All dimensions are in mm

Glass plates are available for
XYTSW series XY translation stages

Model No. Size Compatible Stage
Gl7575 95 x 95 XYTSW175175
Gl125125 145 x 145 XYTSW225225
Gl225125 245 x 145 XYTSW325225
Gl225195 245 x 215 XYTSW325295
Gl325195 345 x 215 XYTSW425295

XYTSW Series manual stages can be used with profile projector, microscope etc. For automated application please see the MXYTSW Series stages.

Linear encoder is available on special request for digital readout application. Contact us at

Custom stages    :    Platforms are available up to 500 x 500mm size, Materials other than aluminium are also available on request.

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