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XYTSWM Series XY Moving


Aperture platform
Aluminium alloy Finish

These stages have through holes at the center with a step on the top of the stage for placing a transparent glass disc if required. Optical instruments like profile projectors, microscopes, etc. require illumination from underneath the sample. Stages under this series are suitable for such applications. The center hole can also act as an access hole for fixing components like gauges, sensors etc. to the fixed base.

All other features remain the same as that of our standard stages. Precision crossed roller based rolling contact guides are used for achieving perfect linear motion. Co-efficient of friction is maintained below 0.002. Play and wobble are eliminated for all practical purpose. The stage is constructed out of aluminium alloy and finished by black anodizing.

        Micrometer drive
        Straight line accuracy    :    0.010 mm
        M6 mounting holes
        Base mountable

Custom hole pattern can be provided on platform

XYTSM Series

These are factory assembled XY stages for general purpose positioning applications. The stages employ rolling contact linear guide ways using crossed rollers.


    Profile projector

    Tool makers microscope

    Compound microscope

    Pathology microscope

Model No. Carriage Size Travel
XYTSWM-25-Mu-10 120 x 120 25
XYTSWM-50-Mu-10 150 x 150 50

Model No. Drive Resolution Travel Load Capacity Drawing Price ( $ )
XYTSWM-25-Mu-10 Micrometer 0.01 mm 25 mm 25 kg 682.00
XYTSWM-50-Mu-10 Micrometer 0.01 mm 50 mm 30 kg 819.00
XYTSWM25-DMu Digital Micrometer 0.01 mm 25 mm 25 kg   1509.00
XYTSWM-50-DMu Digital Micrometer 0.01 mm 50 mm 30 kg   1880.00

Holmarc manufactures these stages with custom specifications. In many cases, we manufacture stages with rectangular or square access holes at the center instead of circular holes. Various drive options as well as sizes are also available. Contact us at

Glass Plate for XYTSWM series

Glass plates are available for XYTSWM series XY translation stages

Model No. Compatible Model No. Price ( $ )

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