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XYZ Compact Translation Stage

Model : XYZCTS65

This stage is designed and constructed to be compact and to be suitable for space restricted applications. Unlike our TS series modular stages, these stages are factory assembled as a three axes positioner. Micrometers or lead screws can be used for driving the stage.

All drive micrometers are arranged along adjacent sides for ergonomical use. M6 tapped holes are provided on top and bottom for mounting purpose. A base plate need to be used for mounting on to breadboards and optical tables.

        15 mm travel for XY axis
        15 mm travel for Z axis
        65 x 65 mm top size
        75 mm minimum height, 90mm maximum height
        3 kg load capacity
        Straight line accuracy    :    0.010 mm
        Precision micrometer driven
        M6 mounting holes
        Base mountable

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