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Dip Coating Unit

with Magnetic Stirrers & Air Tight Chamber

Model: HO-TH-03BC

Holmarc’s Dip Coating Unit has been designed in such a manner which minimizes the operator’s effort. The variables like speed, duration, etc. are maintained accurately by computer control. Dip-coating process, includes five stages: immersion, start-up, deposition, evaporation and drainage. The coating thickness depends on various parameters like viscosity of the coating solution, immersion time, withdrawal speed, evaporation rate etc.

Movements are achieved by precision servo motor controlled linear stages. Adjustable stroke length and accurate speed control are the exceptional features of this model along with its capability of achieving a uniform coating. This is a compact, bench-top coating unit having structural rigidity and is free from vibrations.

A microprocessor based system along with user friendly software takes care of accurate control throughout the process. Speed, traverse and idling duration can be programmed. Both manual mode and PC mode are possible in this equipment. In manual mode a user friendly front panel with keyboard and LCD display is provided to enter all the dipping and drying parameters where as in PC mode entire unit can be controlled by user friendly software.

In the Model HO-TH-03BC the solution containing beakers are kept on hot plates with magnetic stirrers. The rotation speed of the stirrers can be controlled from 0 - 999 rpm. The dipping speed, dip duration, retrieval speed and dry duration can be set for each beaker. Each hot plate can be set at different temperatures. The temperature can be set up to 200°C from ambient.

It can store up to 5 programs in manual mode, which are editable during the operation. The system is complete with its mechanics, electronics and software. Customization can be done in order to suit the developing needs of the user.

    Actuator :     Servo motor
    Drive mechanism :     Ball screw
    Dipping travel :     300 mm
    Horizontal travel :     1100 mm
    Dip duration :     0 - 99 seconds / minutes / hours
    Number of dips :     1 - 999
    Dip / Withdrawal speed :     18 micron/s to 9 mm/s
    Hot plate temperature :     Ambient to 200°C
    Hot plate diameter :     70 mm
    Maximum sample size :     300 x 210 x 10 mm (Width x Height x Thickness)
    Maximum load capacity :     2 Kg
    Stirrer speed :     0 - 999 rpm
    Stirrer capacity :     250 ml
    Stirrer plate dimensions :     350 mm square plate with 70 mm hot plate at the center
    PC connectivity :     Serial port (RS 232) with USB to Serial adapter
    Power input :     230V/50Hz
    Dimensions :     2138 L x 628 x 1074 H (mm)
    Construction :     Stainless steel
    2 side doors
    Transparent front window
    Chamber lamp
    Leveling screws

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