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Hydrogen Spectra

Balmer Series Apparatus

Model: HO-ED-S-03B

Holmarc introduces yet another product ‘Hydrogen Spectra-Balmer Series Appartus’ for the benefit of students in spectroscopy. It is specially designed for the determination of wavelengths of Balmer series from hydrogen emission spectra and to find the Rydberg constant. This apparatus comprises of high performance CCD Spectrometer, Mercury lamp with power supply and Hydrogen Spectrum Discharge Tube coupled with a High Voltage Transformer. Spectrometer utilizes Constant Deviation Pellin Broca Prism for spectral dispersion and is compatible with USB 2.0 interface. The better sensitivity of the CCD makes this spectrometer suitable for applications with lower light signals as well. The software developed for this instrument has facilities for capturing single or continuous spectra, custom wavelength calibration, dark subtraction and intensity comparison, simultaneous display of overlay multiple spectra, exporting data to Microsoft excel, automatically timed spectrum saving etc.

Mercury lamp is used as the standard element to find the unknown wavelengths of hydrogen. Later using the hydrogen spectrum and the energy level quantum number; Rydberg constant can be determined. High Voltage Transformer is supplied with Hydrogen Spectrum Discharge Tube. The discharging action is controlled by a variable knob and can be adjusted to get optimum performance of Hydrogen.

Experiment Examples

    Calibration of the spectrometer using mercury lines

    To calculate and verify Hartmann's constants

    To study the emission of light from a hydrogen discharge source

    To learn the empirical formulas to characterize the pattern of spectral lines from hydrogen

    New compact & Ergonomic Design

    High luminance spectral tubes

    High Resolution Spectral Analysis

    Precision Micrometer driven slit

    USB 2.0 interface with extended dynamic range

    User friendly Software

Wavelength (nm) Color
656.2 Red
486.1 Blue
434.0 Blue-violet
410.1 Violet
Spectometer Specifications

    Optical Platform : Constant Deviation Spectrometer

    Effective Spectral Range : 320 to 1050 nm

    Spectral Resolution : 0.1 to 1 nm

    Slit Options  :  Micrometer Controlled Variable Slit

    Stray Light : < 0.06% @ 532 nm (< 0.1% overall)

    Detector : Toshiba TCD1304AP Linear CCD Array

    Pixel Number  :  3648

    Pixel Size  :  8 x 200 μm

    Pixel Well Depth  :  100,000 electron

    Signal-to-noise Ratio  :  1,000 : 1 (at full scale)

    A/D Resolution  :  16 bit

    Integration Time  :  1.0 to 6,500 ms

    Frame Rate  :  Upto 138 fps

    Trigger Input  :  Yes

    PC interface  :  USB 2.0

    Software  :  Spectra QSR V2.26
(Includes DLL libraries and SDKs for easy custom application development)

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