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Measurement Apparatus
Model: HO-ED-S-07

Photoluminescence is one of the best scientific inventions ever in the field of material Science. The luminous efficiency of each fluorescent material differentiates them. And this experiment provides you the ratio of emitted photons to absorbed photons which is called the quantum yield of the material.

Our HO-SP-SQR300FA is our spectra monochromator with PMT detector which can be used as a PL system, which makes use of photoluminescence to measure the quantum yield of a material quickly and accurately. Our system consists of an excitation source, a monochromator and a photomultiplier tube as the spectrometer detector. It has a Czerny-turner optical path configuration; a plane holographic grating is used to diffract the input light. Use of holographic grating minimize the stray light for high sensitivity and accuracy. A stepper motor-controlled sine drive positions the grating, which is mounted on a precision rotary table. The sine drive delivers a linear relationship between stepper motor motion and wave- length of interest. Also, it includes a mechanism to change the wavelength selected by software and to record the resulting changes as a function of wavelength.


    DPSS laser of wavelength 405 nm as source

    300FA Monochromator for high resolution scanning

    PMT based low light detection

    PL optical chamber unit for maximum light collection

    User friendly software for accurate results
Technical Characteristics

Spectra Quasar 300F Fully Automated Monochromator

        Optical Design :     Czerny-Turner
        Input Port :     Single
        Output Port :     Dual (For PMT & SMA fibre connector based)
        Port Selection :     Integrated Flip Mirror based
        Aperture Ratio :     f / 6
        Dispersion Element :     Holographic Diffraction Grating 1200 l/mm
        Grating Size :     50 x 50 mm
        Wavelength Range :     200 - 1000 nm
        Resolution :     0.15 nm
        Accuracy :     0.1 nm
        Slit Width Range :     0 - 3 mm
        Software :     User friendly software

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