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Model No: HO-TLM-0IC

HOLMARC Telemicroscope TM 208 Series is designed for imaging very small area from a distance of 200-2000 mm. It allows microscopic imaging at a considerable distance from the object.

It can image a small area of unreachable places which cannot be measured with ordinary instruments. The main application of the instrument is observing the sessile drops in furnaces. It can also be used for temperature deformation study of hot object in the oven. The coaxial illumination in this unit helps for imaging the small parts of inside the cylinder. Ordinary illumination maynot work for such application.

Telemicroscope has a built-in slide focusing adjustment. This eliminate the complex focusing jobs. The magnification and field of view depend on the distance from the lens to object. Bringing the Telemicroscope as close as possible to the object will maximize magnification and give you the smallest field of view.

    Working distance range :     200 - 2000 mm
    Field of view :     Detector size and W.D dependable min. 1000micron for 1/4" CCD @ 200 mm W.D
    Magnification :     5X variable within the limit
    Focusing Type :     Two cam movement with fine focusing
    Illumination Options :     Co-axial & angled
    Illumination :     High bright warm white 3W LED
    Vertical :     Max 1100 mm (Tripod based) 500 mm using rack and pinion And 600 mm slide movement.
    X - Y :     25 mm (10 micron resolution)
    Roll :     45°
    Yaw :     360°
        Long working distance
        Variable Magnification
        Superior image quality
        Easy to set
        Co-axial Illumination for In depth viewing
        Roll, Yaw rotation stages
        XY Micrometer Drive

Fig. Telemicroscope sample images taken from a distance of 200 mm

Application Areas

    Thermal Analysis

    Stress Analysis

    Micro level positioning of long distant objects

    Crack Monitoring etc.

Fig. Telemicroscope Movements


Fig. Telemicroscope with Boom Stand


Fig. Telemicroscope with Co-axial Illumination Unit

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