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Schlieren Imaging System

Model: HO-SDIS-150 & 200
Standard Models with different Mirror sizes
Ideal for optical in-homogeneities studies in transparent material

Holmarc schlieren system contains, Two aluminized parabolic mirrors overcoated with silicon monoxide and mounted in gimbal mounts, pointed LED light Source, Knife edge adjuster and a 5MP USB 2.0 digital camera. Camera is used for enabling a photographic record to serve as a permanent reference. For lower light intensities, a video camera and monitor combination may better enhance your total Schlieren system. Using video, your results are enlarged. Gimbal mounts for the parabolic mirrors eliminate unwanted linear beam translation during adjustment.

Schlieren imaging systems provide a powerful technique to visualize changes or non uniformities in refractive index of air or other transparent media. it is widely used in aeronautical engineering to photograph the flow of air around objects. Applications for the Schlieren system include: the determination of refractive index, wind tunnel research, fluid and air current flow, internal character of glass, flame analysis, sound velocity and the mass of microscopic particles.

Small scale unevenness that are commonly measured with interferometers or similar high sensitivity methods can also be tested with schlieren setups. Any inhomogeneities of the surface in a transparent material can be visualised with a schlieren setup. The small bumps or irregularities in the structure cause the same deviation of the light as in fluids.


    Wind tunnel research

    Fluid and air current flow

    Internal character of glass

    Flame analysis

    Ultrasound visualization

    Heat convection visualization

Model No. Mirror Size Focal Length Price ($)
HO-SDIS-150A 150 mm 1200 mm 5,850.00
HO-SDIS-150B 150 mm 1500 mm 5,850.00
HO-SDIS-200A 200 mm 1200 mm 7,184.00
HO-SDIS-200B 200 mm 1500 mm 7,184.00
HO-SDIS-300A 300 mm 1200 mm 9,500.00
HO-SDIS-300B 300 mm 1500 mm 9,500.00

Schlieren Imaging System is beneficial to use in fluid dynamics studies because they are sensitive to changes and do not interfere with flow. They are also used to study optical media and changes in refractive index within the material. Most commonly, schlieren systems have been applied to visualize diverse subjects such as striations in blown glass, inhalation in humans and animals, shock waves from a plane in flight, and heat emanating from a system.

Another important schlieren application is heat convection visualization. Mainly energetic questions as the thermic flux in buildings are answered with the schlieren method. An interesting example are the agricultural tests of thermal convection as seen in figure. Even small scale thermic convection on plants has been possible to visualize.


1.    Light source  –  Halogen or LED

2.    Parabolic mirrors  –  Mounted in Gimbal Mirror Mount, allows user to steer a beam in any direction desired.

3.    Knife edge  –  Adjustable in all three axis

4.    Plain mirror  –  First-surface to reflect the image to a convenient viewing location

5.    Viewing screen  –  200 mm dia diffused screen

6.    Imaging Unit  –  USB 2.0 5MP 1/2.5” CCD camera with Optical Zoom.

Airflow around the leafs of a corn plant is visualized using schleren imager for agronomical research.

A model green house section with the heat convection produced by the sun light heat.

Optional Features

Custom Sizes & Lens Based Schlieren Imaging System

To visualize instantaneous density profiles, a short duration flash rather than continuous illumination can be used (Flash lights can be provided on request).

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