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Digital Magnetic Stirrer

with Hot Plate

Model: HO-MS-02

Holmarc Digital Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate combines stylish design and functionality in a compact device. Its user friendly keyboard and LCD display can be used to input required programs and parameters. The unit boasts inbuilt software with capabilities of storing multiple programs. The microprocessor controlled unit makes for smooth and silent operation. We can input the required speeds on the digital consol and view instantaneous changes on the display. Speeds up to 1500 rpm are possible in this manner. This model also incorporates heating platform for place the beaker. It comes with accurate heating control and temperatures up to 200°C.

Holmarc's Digital Magnetic Stirrer is a state of the art device that provides an extra degree of precision for your applications in research and other activities.

A magnetic stirrer is a laboratory device that employs a rotating magnetic field to cause a stir bar immersed in a liquid to spin very quickly, thus stirring it. It is an essential tool for research labs.

        Capacity (Water)     :     1 Litre
        Speed range     :     200 - 1500 rpm
        Speed stability     :     +/- 2 rpm
        Temperature range     :     Ambient temperature to 200°C
        Heating rate (1 liter Water)     :     12°C / min
        Temperature sensor     :     PT 100
        Temperature control     :     Microprocessor based PID control
        Temperature control accuracy     :     +/- 1°C
        Connection for external temperature sensor (Optional)     :     K type Thermocouple
        Hot plate material     :     Stainless steel
        3 stirring bars of different sizes
        User interface     :     20 x 4 line alphanumeric LCD & 4 button keyboard
        Real time display of speed & temperature
        9 program non-volatile memory
        9 steps for each program
        Different values for speed, temperature & duration for each step
        Operating ambient temperature     :     5 - 40°C
        Input voltage     :     230V 50Hz
        Compact and User friendly device
        Fully digital console with LCD and keyboard
        Microprocessor controlled operation
        Maximum rpm of 1500
        Multiple programs with multiple steps with independent durations
        Heating platform - 200°C (different models are available)

Customized Stirring Systems

On request we can provide temperature control unit and multiple point stirrers having different stirring positions,individual dimensions and stirring point distances. All of our products can be customized for your special needs. Customization is our business, our competence and our passion.

Multiple Point Stirrers

Multiple Point Stirrers are available designed for chemical, biotechnology and medical applications of all kinds. All of our stirrers are developed for the hard daily lab use and uncompromising continuous operation.

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