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Peristaltic Pump

Model: HO-LS-PP Series

Contamination free pumping
No reverse flow or back flow

Holmarc offers wide range of peristaltic pumps for dispensing, filling, dosing, sampling and transferring applications. The advantage of using peristaltic pump is that no contamination will occur to the fluid or to the pump. To use a different fluid, all you need to do is to change the tubing used to pump the fluid. The flow rate will be accurate and there will not be any reverse flow or back flow. Our equipment is ideal to use with corrosive or viscous liquids. Instant start or stop and reverse facility are available in our standard model.

Peristaltic pump from Holmarc are driven by heavy duty stepper motors along with the micro stepping drives. Drive and control electronics are assembled in compact housing along with the pump mechanism.

Front panel of the device is provided with the LCD and keyboard for programming the flow parameters. Replacement mechanism for flow tube is made as user friendly as possible. The device is handy compact and portable and work silently. Holmarc peristaltic pumps are inexpensive to maintain and are easy to install and operate.

Peristaltic pumps do not contaminate fluids as none of the pump components comes in contact with the fluids other than the tube. Holmarc's peristaltic pumps are inexpensive to maintain and are easy to install and operate.


    Model : HO-LS-PP-01
    Flow rates :     0.5 to 5 ml / min
    Flow factor :     0.01 to 9.99
    Accuracy :     +/- 2
    Speed :     0.2 to 5 rpm
    Motor :     Stepper Motor
    Remote :     Stop / Start
    Power supply :     220 - 240v 50/60 Hz supply
    User Interface :     20 x 4 Line LCD & 4 Keys Keyboard
    Tubing :     Platinum cured Silicone tubing
    Tube length :     50 cm (Longer tube can be purchased at additional cost)
        Single slit
        Contamination free pumping
        No reverse flow or back flow
        Accurate and repeatable flow rate
        Instant start or stop facility
        Complete isolation of pumped fluid
        Ergonomic design, Ease to use
        Almost maintenance free
        Clear, easily read LCD illuminated display
        Stepper Motor used for driving the system

Multi channel peristaltic pump

Peristaltic pump employs a contamination - free pumping mechanism. The pumps can be effectively used for many biological research activities. It can pump abrasive, highly corsrosive, viscous, high density liquids. We can customize the design as per required flow rate, number of channels, tube diameters etc..

Model Item Price $
HO-LS-PP-01 Single channel 700.00
HO-LS-PP-02 Two channel 875.00
HO-LS-PP-04 Four channel -
HO-LS-PP-06 Six channel 1050.00

The peristaltic pump is characterized by a special combination of fluid handling mechanism and design flexibility for multichannel applications. It is sometimes important in research laboratories and production plants to move several fluid channels simultaneously. Controlling multiple channels together can be a must for many applications. Varying the speed of the motor will at once vary the flow in all channels.

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