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Vacuum Oven

Model: HO-VO-01

Vacuum oven has application in various settings such as laboratory research, engineering, and industry. The fundamental principle involves the creation of a vacuum to lower chamber pressure below water vapor pressure, inducing the boiling of substances that are both hygroscopic and heat-sensitive. This low-pressure environment not only facilitates drying but also minimizes oxidation.

Trays containing materials for drying are positioned within the oven, and pressure reduction is achieved through a rotary vane vacuum pump. The oven door is securely sealed and linked to the vacuum pump for pressure reduction. Precise and uniform temperature control is maintained by a microprocessor based controller with a digital display. A dual-layer tempered glass door enables transparent observation.

    Chamber Size :     300 x 300 x 300 mm
    Temperature range :     50 to 250 Degree Celsius
    Microprocessor based digital temperature controller
    Stainless steel inner chamber
    Powder coated Mild Steel outer enclosure
    Glass wool insulation to minimize heat loss
    Heavy gauge extruded Aluminium frame
    Toughened glass window
    Vacuum On / Off valve
    Vacuum gauge :     -760 mm of Hg
    Input Voltage :     230V AC
    Rotary Vacuum Pump Included

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