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Discharge Rate Measurement System

Model: HO-DRM-01

Holmarc Discharge Rate Measuring System Model HO-DRM-01 is a device used to measure the discharge rate of a liquid from a source, by collecting the liquid inside a jar placed on a weighing scale connected to PC. The software records the weight of the liquid in the jar at a rate of two measurements per second, for a duration specified by the user. The measured values are plotted as the change of weight against time. If the user enters the density of the liquid, the plotted curve can be converted to change of volume or flow rate against time.

    Measured parameters :     Weight (g), Volume (ml) & Flow rate (ml/s)
    Capacity :     5 liter or 5 kg
    Measurement frequency :     2 measurements per second
    Duration :     10 minutes (Customizable)
    PC interface :     RS232 or USB
    Power input :     230V 50Hz
    User friendly Windows software

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