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Model: HO-THC-01

Thermocycler is a device used to test and study the degradation of materials which are subjected to continuous cycling between hot and cold temperatures during their service life. It can also be used for hot and cold treatment of materials. It simulates artificial aging due to cyclical temperature changes. Exposure time, temperatures and cycle count can be set as per the user requirements.

During operation, an open specimen basket is alternately immersed in a bath of warm liquid followed by a bath of cold liquid. A very high rate of temperature change is achieved with this thermal-cycle design, and this gives a particularly realistic simulation of the temperature changes in the oral cavity for dental applications.

Holmarc Thermocycler Model HO-THC-01 comes with stainless steel hot and cold water baths which can be maintained at temperatures between 5 degree Celsius and 60 degree Celsius. The sample material is carried in a stainless steel basket which is immersed in hot and cold baths using a pivoting arm driven by a stepper motor. The temperatures, immersion time and the number of cycles are controlled by the microcontroller based electronic control unit (ECU), which accepts the user input through a 20x4 line alphanumeric LCD and front panel push buttons.

    Warm bath temperature :     Ambient to 60°C
    Cold bath temperature :     5°C to Ambient
    Exposure time of the specimen basket adjustable per bath from 0 to 999 seconds
    Number of cycles :     1 - 300000
    Automatic start-up function :     After a power failure, the trial is automatically continued when the power is restored (Useful for long trials which are not permanently supervised)
    Maximum specimen mass :     1 Kg
    Specimen basket size :     10 x 10cm and 14 x 14cm

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