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Lens Mounts

Rigid Lens Mounts

RLM series rigid lens mounts are post mountable. Optics are held by threaded ring inside a threaded bore of the device.

Rigid Camera Lens Mounts

These rigid mounts can be used to holed lens assemblies in an optical set up using standard post system.

Self Centering Lens Mounts

Self-centering lens mounts are suitable for experiments where frequent replacement of lens is required. The lens is held using three spring loaded calipers.

Circular Adjustable Lens Mount

Lens is held between nylon tips having angular grooves. These nylon tips provide protection for optics. Lenses of various sizes can be mounted with the help of this mount.

Bar Type Adjustable Lens Mount

Bar type lens mounts are suitable for fixing cylindrical lenses, optical plates etc. These are post mountable with M6 mounting hole provided at the bottom of the mount.

V Type Adjustable Lens Mount

Easy to hold lenses, cylindrical lenses, optical rods etc. with three point contact using linearly adjustable non rotating bar with M6 locking screws.

Cylindrical Lens Mounts

This CLM series lens mounts are suitable for rectangular or square cylindrical lenses. These can be used to mount lenses up to 50 mm.

Kinematic Cylindrical Lens Mount

These mounts have two tilt adjustments by 100 tpi lead screws. Optics is held by a clamp which slides on a post.

Focus Adjustable Lens Mounts

This focus adjustable lens mount is used to adjust the focus of a lens by backward and forward motion of the lens mounted in it.

YZ Lens Mounts / Objective Lens Mounts

This YZ lens mount provides linear adjustments along YZ axis using precision spring loaded lead screws.

XYZ Lens Mounts

This XYZ lens mount consists of focus adjustable mount in X axis and translation movement in Y and Z axes.

Five Axis Lens Mount for 25 mm and 50 mm Optics

This multi-axis lens mount consists of three precision liner stages driven by micrometers to provide fine positioning along X, Y and Z axis.

Five Axis Lens Mount Large Optics

These mounts have three linear adjustments with translation stages and two tilt adjustments with a kinematically held mounting surface.The optics is secured by self centering jaws.

Rigid Objective Lens Mounts

Rigid objective lens mounts have standard RMS threads or C Mount threads. These mounts are aluminium alloy 6061 contraction with black anodized finish.

Kinematic Lens Mounts / Objective Lens Mounts

KLM series threaded type mounts are suitable for mounting Lenses, Microscope objectives, C mount microscopic objectives and camera lenses...

XYZ Objective Mounts

XYZMOH Series microscope objective mounts have 10mm travel in X direction. This mount is also suitable for PHC-1 and PHC-2 series pinhole cell.

5 axis Objective Mounts 5AMOH Series

5AMOH series microscope objective mounts have precision movements in five directions. The positioner employs three precision linear stages for X, Y and Z-axes and...

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