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Optical Chopper

Model No: HO-IAD-OC-01

An optical chopper is a mechanical device which physically chops a light beam into discrete light pulses. It is widely used in various optical experiments. It modulates different light sources with given frequency for their subsequent analysis.

The chopping discs come in a variety of slot apertures and can be replaced with ease.

Holmarc's optical chopper is a stable device through out the frequency range. The basic system consists of control unit, rotating head and a set of four chopper discs. A DC motor drives the rotating head in closed loop control. Chopping discs are replaceable by the user with ease. A heavy base to which the rotating assembly is fixed provides stability during operation. Optical axis height is approximately 100 mm. The required disc depending on the frequency can be fixed to the rotating head. This system provide wide range of frequencies (10Hz - 3.7kHz.) A wide selection of additional discs and accessories are available to extend the frequency range and to satisfy individual requirements. Frequency is displayed directly on the digital display of the control unit. Easy-to-interchange blades are made of corrosion protected material for durability.

Specifications :


        Two Slot  :  10 Hz to 200 Hz

        Six Slot  :  100 Hz to 600 Hz

        Thirty slot  :  200 Hz to 4000 Hz

    Duty Cycle  :  50%

    Stability  :  +/- 1 Hz

    Chopper Wheel Diameter  :  105 mm

    Frequency Read Out  :  16 x 2 Lines LCD

    Reference Pick-Up  :  IR LED and Photo Transistor Pair

    Motor Cable Length  :  1.5 m

    Operating Temperature  :  10ºC - 50ºC

    Power input  :  230V, 50Hz

The device can be customized as per requirements. Custom blades can also be manufactured. We welcome queries for customization.

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