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Pedestal System
Pedestal Post

Pedestal posts are of 25mm diameter with precision ground finish. Both ends of the pedestal post are tapped suitable for M6 screws

Pedestal Shims

Pedestal shims are used to maintain desired height of an optical set up while using pedestal system. Construction material is stainless steel

Pillar Post

PLP series stainless steel pillar posts are designed to construct rigid structures in various heights. Diameter of the pillar post is 25mm with precision ground finish.

Pillar Post Holder

PLPPH series pillar post holders are compatible with PLP series pillar posts. We can fix these post holders to optical table, post base or pedestal adapter with fork

PF Series Pedestal Fork

Pedestal Fork, PF-25 is constructed in stainless steel. These forks can be used to fix pedestal post holder, post holder with suitable pedestal adapter...

Pedestal Adapter

Pedestal Adapter Model : PPA-PG-16D is used to convert our standard PH series post holder to a pedestal post holder system.

Pillar Post Base

Piller post bases are made of aluminium with black anodized finish. They are suitable for fixing pillar posts to a metric breadboard.

Right Angle Post Clamp

Two types of RAC series, right angle post clamps are available. Model no:RAC-2512 is suitable for 12mm posts and Model no. RAC-2516 is suitable for 16mm posts.

Pedestal Post Clamp-Rotatable

PLC-25 model Pedestal post clamp is suitable for PLP pillar posts or pedestal posts. Optic mounts can be held by the rotatable rod provided on it

Pedestal Post Clamp

Pedestal post clamps are designed to be used with pedestal posts. It can be clamped anywhere on the post for mounting other components.

Pillar Post Clamp

Made in aluminium with black anodized finish, can be used for building rigid elevated structures or for fixing a component or sub-assembly at a height.

Large Post Clamp Plates

Large post clamp plate is suitable for 12mm or 16mm post series. Construction material of large post clamp is aluminium with black anodized finish.

Post Clamp Bracket

Post Clamp Bracket is suitable for mounting commoners or subassemblies in a horizontal plane. This bracket is suitable for both LPC - 1 and LPC - 2 model pillar post clamps.

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