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Slotted Plates

3 Varieties of mounting slots
Easy mounting on Breadboards / Tabletops

SLP-25 model slotted plate is suitable for standard optic mounts with M6 mounting holes. They have M6 CBR slots from bottom.

SLP-75 model slotted plate has two M6 slots and one M6 C’bored hole suitable for our standard post with M6 mounting hole. This slotted plate helps to arrange a twin mirror set up or a custom small optical bench within a restricted space.

SLP-275 model comes with two M6 CBR slots opposite to each other. We can use this when the optical path is far from the mounting holes.

        Aluminium alloy
        Black anodized finish
        M6 CBR hole for mounting

Model No Size (mm) Type Price ( $ )
SLP - 25 50 x 18 x 9 Single M6 slot with M6 CBR hole 7.00
SLP - 75 100 x 18 x 12 Two M6 slots with M6 CBR hole 11.00
SLP - 275 100 x 18 x 12 Two M6 CBR slots 12.00

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