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16 mm Post System

Post mounting system is a convenient device for holding various optical mounts in a breadboard based experimental setup. Height and angular position of mounted optics can be easily adjusted. The post system includes post, post holder, post holder base and post collar.

P16D Series Posts

P16D series posts are made in stainless steel with 16mm diameter and given precision ground finish. Both ends of these posts are provided with M6 tapped holes for mounting.

P16D-LE Series Posts

P16-LE series stainless steel posts have precisely laser engraved scale in 1mm devision along their length.

PH-16D Series Post Holder

PH-16D series post holders have a square relief cut for stable two line contact with post and post holder. One spring loaded plunger knob is provided with...

Pedestal Adapter

Pedestal Adapter Model : PPA-PG-16D is used to convert our standard PH series post holder to a pedestal post holder system.

PPH-16D Series Pedestal Post Holder

PPH-16D series Pedestal Post holders have a stainless steel pedestal foot of thickness 5mm. In this case posts will sit down to minimum height compared...

PF Series Pedestal Fork

Pedestal Fork, PF-25 is constructed in stainless steel. These forks can be used to fix pedestal post holder, post holder with suitable pedestal adapter...

Post Collar

PC-16 Post collars are slip on type collars with M4 soft metal tipped knob. These collars are made of aluminium B51S alloy with black anodized finish.

Translating Post Holder - Ø16 mm

TPH-16D series translating post holders provide non rotating height adjustment by a knurled rotating thimble. TPH series post holders accept 16mm series posts.

Translating Pedestal Post Holder - Ø16 mm

TPPH series translating pedestal post holders have a stainless steel pedestal foot of 5mm thickness. One spring loaded plunger knob (model: PGK-20) is fixed...

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