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Rod Assembly

Easy mounting & alignment
Provides a variety of components in a single package

Assembly Rods

    6 mm diameter rods
    Precision ground finish
    M3 tapped holes at both ends

Model No: Length ( mm ) Price $
CGRD-CG-50 50 4.00
CGRD-CG-75 75 4.00
CGRD-CG-100 100 5.00
CGRD-CG-150 150 7.00
CGRD-CG-200 200 8.00
CGRD-CG-250 250 13.00

Optic Plates

Through Threaded Optic Plate

1" / 25 mm Stepped Bore Optic Plate - Threaded Type

25 mm Unthreaded Optic Plate

30 mm Unthreaded Optic Plate

End Plate

End Plate

Model No: Price $
M-TOP-25 24.00
M-ST-OP-25 24.00
M-OP-25 24.00
M-OP-30 24.00
Model No: Price $
M-PS-OP-30 20.00
M-CUB-OP-30 25.00
M-CUB-OP-25 25.00
Kinematic Optic Plate

Translators are used for moving optics in Kinematic, XY and Z Directions, All translators are having 25 mm bore and are suitable for mounting optics, accessories and adapters having 25 mm size.

Model No: Optice size Type Price $
M-KM-25 Ø 25 mm Through bore thread 63.00
M-TKM-25 Ø 25 mm 1" HM1 69.00
Course Rotator

Model No: Price $
M - PMR 25 37.00


XY Translator

Model : M - TR - XY25

    Compatible with rod assembly

    2 mm travel X&Y Axis

    Micrometer drive

    25 mm diameter optics holder

    Optics held by grub screws

Z Translator

Model : M - TR - Z25

    Compatible with rod assembly

    6 mm travel

    Micrometer drive

    25 mm diameter optics holder

    Optics held by grub screws

Item Model No: Price $
XY Translator M - TR - XY25 161.00
Z Translator M - TR - Z25 97.00
Cube Accessories

Cube Prism Holder

25mm cube prism can be placed inside the cube using this prism holder. Nylon tipped set screws are used to fix the prism to the cube prism holder. The holder can be rotated manually and locked with an accuracy of 2°.

Model No: Cube size Price $
CUB-CB-25-25 25 mm cube 44.00
CUB-CB-25-15 15 mm cube 40.00

Plate Beam Splitter Holder

25mm Plate beam splitters can be placed inside the cube using Plate beam splitter holder. Holder can be rotated manually with a positioning accuracy of 2° and can be locked by a set screw and allen key.

Model No: Cube size Price $
CUB-PB-25-25 Dia-25 mm x 2 mm 28.00
CUB-PB-25-15 Dia-15 mm x 2mm 27.00


Fiber Connector

Fiber Chuck

Iris Diaphragm

Microscope Objective Adapter

Pin Hole Cell

Lens Cell

Item Model Suitable Cage Plate / Type of cage plate Price $
Lens Cell M-OP-LC25 M-TOP-25 15.00
Filter Cell M-OP-FL25 M-TOP-25 15.00
M.O Adapter M-OP-MO M-TOP-25 15.00
FC Fiber Connector M-OP-FC01 M-TOP-25 20.00
Fiber Chuck M-OP-FC02 M-TOP-25 17.00
Pinhole Cell M-OP-P H01 M-TOP-25 20.00
Iris Diaphragms M-OP-ID18 M-TOP-25 75.00

Lens Cells and Lens Tubes

Item L1, L2 Suitable Cage Plate / Type of cage plate Price $
LNST-CG-12.5 16.5 M-TOP-25 17.00
LNST-CG-25 28 M-TOP-25 20.00
LNST-CG-30 34 M-TOP-25 25.00
LNST-CG-38 41 M-TOP-25 30.00

Base Mounting Platform

Base mounting plate has M6 tapped holes at bottom for mounting on post or base.

Model No: Price $
M-OP-BMP-M6 19.00

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