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Polarizer Mounts

Manual Polarizer Rotators

Polarizer rotators are suitable to rotate polarisers, wave plates, crystals etc. Four types of manual polariser rotators are available for different applications.

Precision Polarizer Rotator

Precision rotary adjustments are possible in this mount. Plate/sheet polarizes are held between two threaded rings inside a threaded bore. For other shapes, adapters have to be used.

Polarizer Rotator / Wave Plate Rotator With Fast Axis Dial

This polarizer mount provides continuous 360° rotation with 0.5 degree resolution within vernier scale. Outside surface is knurled to ensure grip while positioning.

Precision Polarizer Rotator with Tilt

These mounts are suitable for holding filters of square or rectangular shapes. The device can be mounted using standard posts having M6 tapped holes.

Motorized Polarizer Rotator ( High speed low resolution )

This model of polarizer mount has spur gear drive with stepper motor. The polarizer mount is supported on ball bearing for smooth and noiseless positioning.

Motorized Polarizer Rotator ( Slow speed high resolution )

In this model, worm gear drive is used for increased resolution and positioning accuracy. Stepper motor is the actuator, hence maximum speed is limited to 12° per second.

Beam Dump

These beam dumps provide nominal beam dumping for low power lasers.

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