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Filter Mounts

Filter Cells

Filter cell is a circular mount having inside treads.Filter is held inside the cell by treaded rings.

Quick Change Multiple Filter Holder

This filter holder has semi - circle shape so that filter can be inserted or replaced quickly. The holders can be stacked together as well.

Filter Cell Holder - FCH Series

This holder has M6 tapped holes for post mounting. Filter cell is mounted inside the holder by threaded rings.

Square Filter Holder - SFH Series

These mounts are suitable for holding filters of square or rectangular shapes. The device can be mounted using standard posts having M6 tapped holes.

Rectangular Filter Holder - RFH Series

In this holder, filters are fixed by nylon tipped setscrews. This filter holder is post mountable, having M6 tapped hole at bottom.

Filter Wheel

Filter Wheel FW series can hold up to 12 filters of 1 inch diameter at a time. Filters are held by threaded ring. The filter wheel can be rotated and positioned at desired location.

Stackable Filter Wheel

Two or more filter wheels (upto 5) can be stacked in this device for multiple filter assembly. Standard wheels can accommodate four filters.

Motorized Filter Wheel with Controller

In this model of motorized filter wheel, selection of filters is by a stepper motor mechanism. It facilitates fast and accurate selection of filters in an optical system.

Plate Holder / Glass Slide Holders

Plate / glass slide holders can be used for holding glass plates rigidly. The plates are held in position by adjustable screws.

Plate Holder- C Shaped

This plate holder can be used for mounting plates of thickness upto 22 mm. The holder can be mounted on post.

Diffuser Plate with Rotator

This device consists of a circular glass diffuser fixed to the shaft of a DC motor. The controller for this device provide speed adjustments from 300 - 1500 rpm.

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