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Gimbal Mirror Mounts

GMM Series
Provides +/- 60 fine adjustment
Fabricated from Black Anodized Aluminum

Gimbal mirror mounts provide 360°coarse positioning in two axes about the mirror surface in addition to fine adjustment of 6°. Two types of fine adjustments are possible, one is micrometer drive with 10 micron least count and the other is with lead screw of 0.25 mm linear resolution per rotation. Switching between coarse and fine movement is by using a knob or a set-screw provided on the gimbal mount.

Optics upto 12.5 mm thickness can be held in 50 mm gimbal mirror mount and up to 10mm can be held in 25mm gimbal mount. In both models, optics are fixed with the help of threaded ring.

    Coarse Travel θx / θy     :     360 Degrees
    Fine Travel θx / θy     :     +/- 6 degree
    Linear Resolution     :     0.25 mm / Rotation
    Linear Resolution     :     0.01 mm ( Least Count for micrometer )
    Sensitivity     :     4 arc sec.
    Mounting hole     :     M6 Slots
    Rotation axis laid ON     :     Mirror plane
    Construction material     :     Aluminium alloy
    Finish     :     Black Anodized

Gimbal Mirror Mounts with Rotation

Gimbal mirror mount with rotation provide 360 degree coarse positioning in two axes about the mirror surface in addition to fine adjustment of 6 degrees...

Gimbal Mirror Mounts for Large Optics

Large Gimbal Mounts are suitable for fixing large optics, with maximum diameter of 200 mm. Fine adjustment is done by a micrometer with least count of 10 microns.

Motorized Gimbal Mirror Mounts

Gimbal mounts with stepper motor drives are suitable for remote positioning of the mirror in pitch and yaw directions. Suitable controller with hand held user interface is also available from Holmarc.

Model No. Optics Size Maximum Optic Thickness Drive Post Mounting adapter Model Drawing Price $
GMM-Mu-25 25 / 1" 10 mm Micrometer AD-GMM-25 175.00
GMM-Mu-50 50 / 2" 12.5 mm Micrometer AD-GMM-50 272.00
GMM-Mu-75 75 / 3" 12.5 mm Micrometer AD-GMM-75 284.00
GMM-Mu-100 100 / 4" 12.5 mm Micrometer AD-GMM-100 358.00

Model : GMM-Mu-25

Model : GMM-Mu-50

Model : GMM-Mu-100

Gimbal Mirror Mount LS25

Model No. GMM - LS - 25
$ 114.00

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